Avantor J.T.Baker BAKERBOND PROchievA Protein A Mix-N-Go

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This kit is designed to quantify the recombinant protein A ligands used in Avantor J.T.Baker BAKERBOND PROchievA
chromatographic resins. It has an assay protocol that eliminates sample boiling and subsequent centrifugation step, reducing assay time by more than 1 hour.

This assay provides an easy-to-use, accurate, and highly sensitive method to detect Avantor JTBaker BAKERBONDPROchievA  Protein A impurity down to less than 300 pg/mL in the presence of up to mg/mL amounts of humanized monoclonal antibodies. . As such, this kit can be used as a tool to aid in the optimal development of the purification process and in the routine quality control of the streams in the process, as well as the final product.

Product Information

  • Product Type: ELISA kit
  • Storage: 2 ° C to 8 ° C

Kit components

  • Sample treatment plate
  • Stop solution
  • TBS Wash Concentrate, 20X
  • TMB substrate for ELISA
  • Mix-N-Go A Sample Diluent
  • Mix-N-Go Denaturing Buffer
  • Anti-PROchievA: HRP
  • Anti-PROchievA Polyclonal Coated Microtiter Strips
  • PROchievA Protein A Standard Set, A-H, 1 mL

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